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Domestic and international transportation services for general goods and ready-to-wear clothes

We began in 2001, working in the area of international relations, with clients form UK, Germany and Belgium. Our clients’ subsequent loyalty has enabled us to expand and develop standalone transportation logistics services, so that come 2012 these represent the main services provided by the company.
As we provide a full complement of transportation and logistics services, along with related services concerning the direct production of merchandise, we are able to understand our clients’ needs on every level. Therefore, we believe that it is our ability to thoroughly satisfy all our clients’ requirements that gives us a strong advantage over all our competitors.
Our main destination freight transport
is the UK, but we also provide transportation and logistics services to other EU destinations.

To know us better but also to benefit from our offer domestic and international transport services, please contact us.

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  • Weekly RO – UK
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  • Cluj-Napoca – Suceava – Iasi
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